Flash Photography (1947)
Camera Portraits: Techniques and Principles of Documentary Portraiture (1948) (documentary)
The Learning Tree (1964) (semi-autobiographical)

A Choice of Weapons (1967) (autobiographical)
Born Black (1970) (compilation of essays and photographs)
In Love (1971)
Whispers of Intimate Things (1971)
Moments Without Proper Names (1975)
Flavio (1978)
To Smile in Autumn (1979) (autobiographical)  New edition with foreword by Alexs D. Pate.
Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2009
Shannon (1981)
Voices in the Mirror (1990) (autobiographical)
Arias in Silence (1994)
Glimpses Toward Infinity (1996)
Half Past Autumn: A Retrospective (1997)
A Star for Noon (2000)
The Sun Stalker (2003) (biography on J. M. W. Turner)
Eyes With Winged Thoughts (2005)
Hungry Heart (November 1, 2005) (autobiographical)