The Gordon Parks Memorial Project

Imagine a place where Gordon Parks’ humanitarian legacy radiates from every corner!

Imagine this site in downtown St. Paul — across the street from where Parks got his start as a budding photographer —transformed into a place where the arts are embraced, where community is strengthened, where young minds are inspired…

Imagine Gordon Parks Place!

Landmark Plaza ca. 2002

SoulTouch Productions and Forecast Public Art, in partnership with the City of St. Paul and St. Paul Riverfront Corporation are pleased to announce the

Gordon Parks Memorial Project!

Local artist Seitu Jones will lead a team to create a national memorial honoring the legacy of Gordon Parks, which will permanently reside at Landmark Plaza in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. Learn more about Seitu and his vision for the Memorial in Phase 2: Preliminary Design.

Photo by Del Bey.

Seitu Jones. Photo by Del Bey.

This is a new kind of memorial – a “living memorial” – which has the unique potential to promote education, engage diverse community members and stimulate youth development throughout the region. It also has the power to inspire curiosity, artistic innovation and social activism for racial justice, especially to improve the plight of Black boys and young men.  It will serve as a magnet for cultural tourism, art enthusiasts and audiences influenced by Parks.  Continue reading to learn how.

Click here for more information about the project phases:

Phase 1:  Strategic Plan Development
Phase 2:  Preliminary Design
Phase 3:  Design Review + Development
Phase 4:  Memorial Implementation

How can you join the movement?

We have already completed Phase 1:  Development of a Strategic Plan!  Click here to read about the Community Visioning Process incorporated into the Strategic Plan.

But we still need your help!  There are several ways you can get involved:

Sign up for updates about the project, public gatherings, and volunteer opportunities.

We are also initiating a fundraising campaign (the project will be funded with private, not public funds).  Click here to donate!